Re-imagine. Re-design. Re-inspire.

In recent years, our community has debated the merits of relocating the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to a downtown location or alternatively transforming it for future generations. After careful consideration, we have concluded that staying right where we are — in this historic building and perfect environment in which to appreciate art — is the best way forward. Today, the leadership of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is setting the stage for making our gallery all that it can be. We ask you to consider the possibilities ahead, and help us lead the way. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please email us at



Since the 1950's, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has been at the center of our community. Over the past 60 years the AGGV has grown to be the second largest public gallery in the province. Located in the heart of the City of Victoria's cultural precinct, the AGGV collection currently contains over 19,000 pieces held in trust for the people of Victoria, British Columbia and Canada.  Every year, over 100,000 people visit the Gallery to view captivating and innovative exhibitions and attend entertaining and informative events. The AGGV also provides accessible outreach programs to families, youth, school districts and post-secondary institutions across Southern Vancouver Island. Each year, in excess of a quarter million people also access the Gallery online through the AGGV's extensive community-based programming website and comprehensive art database.  



As Galleries and Museums have evolved there has been a significant increase in the demand by visitors, staff, and members for increase public spaces for programming, for exhibitions and for community gathering space. Now visitors to museums and galleries want to interact with others and the collections when they visit community cultural spaces; the AGGV has simply run out of room to make this happen. The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria must renew their current space in order to properly store and display their extensive collection. Current on-site storage is limited and is becoming congested, creating a potential risk for the Gallery and the collection. As well, current exhibition space allows for only 5% of the AGGV's treasures to be displayed. 



The Board of Directors of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria have identified the need to raise $21 million to build The NEXT Gallery. The funds raised through this campaign will be secured through contributions from Provincial and Federal as well as through corporate and private donations. The Board and Staff of the AGGV are committed to ensuring the Gallery's financial health and sustainability throughout the planning construction and post-construction phases of The NEXT Gallery.



The new 1850 square meters of gallery space will mean a total floor area increase of 40% for public programming, exhibitions, collections, and administration. The new building will include a community auditorium and gathering space; a sculpture garden, cafe, and gift shop. The NEXT Gallery will also feature enhanced visibility, accessibility,  and prominence of the adjacent historic Spencer Mansion. Safety and security issues will be addressed with seismic upgrades and state-of-the-art storage, security, electrical, mechanical, and building systems for optimum environmental performance (LEED® Gold Equivalency & BC's Wood first Initiative). Outside, improved access and visibility will be given to the Asian Garden. Garry Oak trees on the property will be preserved and a new Garry Oak meadow will be added to the existing landscape. 


Information and Resources

Official Rezoning Notice from the City of Victoria
Information Letter from the AGGV to our neighbours