The Associates


The Associates of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Associates share a rich and vibrant history with the Gallery. The Associates were founded in 1952 to, "foster interest in, and give voluntary service to the gallery.” Over the years, the Associates have raised well over $800,000 to contribute to the Gallery. Celebrating and fostering enjoyment of the Gallery continues to be at the heart of their activities. The Associates also offer a wide range of educational programs and art related activities in their programs for members. It is a winning combination!

Associates’ Fundraising Initiatives

House Tour: September 24, 2017 | 11AM-5PM

Join us for Victoria's premier tour of spectacular homes in and around Greater Victoria.  Five unique and architecturally stunning homes will intrigue you. Local artists will also be working on location. Tickets are $35 and will be available for sale starting Sept 1. More information will be available as plans progress. 

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Studio Tours

At one time, members affectionately call the Associates’ tours closer to home, The “Tiny Tours.” They are now called Studio Tours. The focus for these tours is visiting nearby artists and galleries within easy traveling distance. These tours usually sell out. They are very popular both with those on the tours and with the galleries, artists and museums they visit. Many of the artists we visit tell us how they look forward to the Associates coming and sharing their work. The Studio Tours trips range from visits to the Vancouver Art Gallery, Neah Bay in Washington, the Gulf Islands and Campbell River. 

Art Tours
One of The Associates’ goals is to build on interest in the arts for its members as part of their fundraising initiatives. These trips are open to others who share this interest. Over the years, the Associates have offered unique Art Tours in and around Vancouver Island, across Canada, and around the world. Their destinations include Edmonton, Toronto, Seattle, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Government House
The Associates look forward to maintaining their long-standing relationship with Government House. Their “coat-check work” is one of their favourite ways to raise funds for the Associates. Members thoroughly enjoy working at Government House.

Associates’ Member Benefits

Celebrate the Arts Together
The Associates over the years know full well the value of working together to benefit the Gallery. They also know it works both ways; it is a win-win situation. There is no doubt that working together builds strong friendships. This holds true for long standing residents and newcomers to the Greater Victoria area. It is also a pleasure for Associates whenever they work with the Gallery staff on fundraising initiatives. Some are surprised by the amount of laughter shared as the Associates work together on events and projects.

There is no doubt Associates benefit! Associates enjoy the range of art related education programs including special Docent tours of Gallery exhibitions. At their monthly meetings, they look forward to special guest speakers who present a range of interesting and informative presentations. Throughout the year, members get together for pre-arranged trips to local galleries, followed by lunch. There is something for everyone.

Monthly Meeting
The Associates meet once a month at the gallery, on the 2nd Friday of the month at 10 AM. Members gather for coffee and conversation after the meeting.

The Associates learn about their vibrant community in their newsletter, Happenings. This newsletter was recently re-vamped to include articles about members’ interests, wide range of activities and gallery events. The newsletter keeps everyone in touch especially as so many members travel. It doesn’t take long for new members to feel at home as they are introduced with a brief write up. Many readers look forward to the articles about the Associates who are artists and interesting articles highlighting the many treasures and unknown facts about the Gallery. Happenings is widely read, as there are informative articles from the Gallery staff and about the Gallery.

The Associates Welcome New Members

The Associates extend a warm welcome to new members. Lifelong residents of Greater Victoria and men and women from all over the world bring their energy and experience to support the Gallery and the Arts. Annual membership for the Associates is $30. For more information, please email