Virtual Exhibits

Exploring Japan

Developed with support from the Canadian Heritage Information Network during the pilot project phase of Agora, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presents this bilingual, multimedia virtual exhibition that highlights the strengths of our Japanese collection.

The exhibit includes a teachers' guide, original video of curator Barry Till, and educational activities.

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Japanese Woodblock Prints

With support from the International Fine Printmaker Dealers Association, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria present this one page mini site on relief printmaking.

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A Journey

Did you know that tea was once advertised as a cure for "the gripping of the guts, colds, and dropsies"? Find out more in Tea: A Journey as it takes you through the story of tea, from its beginnings in Asia to its current form.

This Web site includes lesson plans and learning activities directly related to the history of tea, as well as captivating digitized images taken from the collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It also has a unique journal feature that allows viewers to store many of the digitized photos and images found on the site, using a clipboard icon.

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Karma of the Dragon

The Art of Jack Wise

Jack Wise made many contributions to the arts during his life, creating and showing his own work, exchanging ideas with colleagues, setting up arts education programmes and widening people's understanding of both contemporary art and ancient traditions. Wise was known for his calligraphy, based upon Chinese brushwork, and for his mandalas: colourful, circular forms which embody Buddhist cosmology or world view.

Karma of the Dragon: The Art of Jack Wise is an exploration of this important west coast artist. It features a digital collection of some of Wise's many works as well as expert insight on the artist by those who knew him.

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Close Up

Contemporary Art from Taiwan

Close-up: Contemporary Art from Taiwan presents an exhibition of the work of eight contemporary artists, representing a broad spectrum of Taiwanese contemporary art from painting, photography, video and mixed media. The work of these artists deals with aspects of the history, culture, politics and social milieu which make up contemporary life in Taiwan.

This virtual exhibition includes interviews with the artists, exhibition essays, and a selection of the works displayed in the real space exhibit. It was created by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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To the Totem Forests

Emily Carr & Her Contemporaries Interpret Coastal Villages

Emily Carr found personal and artistic sanctuary in remote First Nations villages along the coast of British Columbia. During a period of more than 40 years she wrote about, drew and painted her experiences.

This virtual exhibition, produced under contract to Canada's Digital Collections Program, Industry Canada, was co-sponsored by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

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Performing Generations

Web Installation

From September 30 - November 28, 1999 the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presented Performing Generations: Classic and Contemporary Performative Video. The exhibition explored performance-based video from the 70's with work from the last decade.

The virtual exhibition includes the work of John Boehme, Judith Price and Yoko Takashima, artists from the Victoria region who have developed interactive web installations based on their engagements with performance and/or new media technologies.

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Tradition in Transition

The Meiji period of Japanese history (1868 - 1912) was one of great change. Rule by the Shogun ended, Imperial rule was re-established, and the feudal system was abolished.

Meiji: Tradition in Transition is an overview of the art and culture of this tumultuous and fascinating time and highlights holdings in the collections of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and the Vancouver Museum in Canada, and Meiji Mura, the Edo Tokyo Museum, and the National Museum of Ethnology in Japan.

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Within the Walls

Today, there is a disproportionate number of First Nations people incarcerated in the prison system. Once in prison, many Aboriginal inmates are introduced to the Native Brotherhood. It is within the Brotherhood that many begin their journey on the Red Road . . . the good road . . . the road to healing.

Within the Walls is the first of the AGGV's virtual exhibits. Launched at the same time as the realspace exhibit, this site features photos selected by artist Martin DeValk himself; photos that tell the powerful story of the Native Brotherhood.

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Mansion Madness:

Mystery at Gyppeswyck

Mansion Madness is the first of the AGGV's Kids Sites.

Join Arthur & Victoria as they explore the Gallery Mansion and try to solve: The Mystery at Gyppeswyck!

Mystery at Gyppeswyck was sponsored by the Labbatt's People in Action program.

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