New Extreme

New Extreme Mentorship Program - Connecting local artists and youth

The New Extreme Program pairs local artists with groups of youth at schools (and organizations) across Victoria and together they explore various aspects of being an artist and engaging with contemporary art. Over an 8 week period from January through March groups learn about: New artistic concepts and studio techniques, creative processes, writing an artist statement (or manifesto!) the creation of an artistic project and exhibiting artwork.
This year local artists Jesse CampbellKemi Craig and Alexis Hogan will be working with Arbutus Global Middle School, The Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry, and a group of Victoria home learners. Artist/educators and groups will explore a range of artistic practices and ideas including; Dance and film, public art, printmaking and installation and mural/street art.
New Extreme workshops are held in a variety of artistic media and emphasize exploration and engaging with curiosity. Are you interested in exploring questions and ideas important to you, through art? Then this program is for you! 

If you're interested in having your school participate please contact Educator Jennifer Van de Pol at: or 250-384-4171 ext:229.